How Acupuncture Can Help With Stress Relief

Stress relief is one of the major benefactors of acupuncture. While there is an extensive (3000+ years) background showing how acupuncture can help with stress relief, new research is emerging showing us how this works from a biomedical approach as well.

This Study details the clinical effectiveness with various autonomic disorders including, but not limited to: blood pressure, heart rate, and even heart rate variability. Heart rate variability is a fascinating and recent discovery that tells us how well we are adapting to stress. This Harvard article explains how.

Here are three ways acupuncture helps with stress relief from a Chinese

  1. When acupuncture needles are inserted into acupuncture points, they open up the flow of Qi or vital energy in the body. This means that communication around the body and within the body systems improves. When we are stressed the Qi has a tendency to stop flowing as well.
  2. According to Chinese Medical theory, the Liver organ systems, and their associated resonances, act as the first line of defense against stress. Luckily it seems to have this deep affinity for acupuncture and can greatly help with stress relief. This is likely because the liver’s spontaneous flow of energy in nature is in ALL directions. That’s right, all the organ systems have their own spontaneous flow of energy naturally within the body.
  3. It balances the body as a functional whole. Meaning it gets all our systems working efficiently so your body’s natural rhythms are operating in proper time.

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