Kelowna miracle worker!

I am compelled to sing the praises of Paula Woodward in Kelowna. After another session with her last night I am a new woman!
I have had almost two years of gradually worsening symptoms including severe heart palpitations
liver and kidney malfunctions and small and large intestine issues.

Medical doctors could not diagnose, I tried naturopathic help which went so far, I had blood tests for food allergies
but aside from kidney beans, nothing …..and I was becoming depressed that I would never find out what is wrong.
Then I tried acupuncture with Paula Woodward.
I had gradually been feeling better as soon as I started the acupuncture but this week I have felt ” joy” and a new found strength and optimism.

I went from no energy and no sleep to last night I slept from 8.30 to 7.30am!
I’m back in the gym!

I think we should all be forced to do regular acupuncture. it can find disease before it manifests and shows up as something more severe for western medicine to deal with.
Of course you need to be open and you need a good acupuncturist. Paula will work with you on all levels. To me she represents a “new consciousness in healing”. I cannot recommend her more highly. If you are stressed, tired, off your game, confused, lost the plot or having symptoms of unwellness I would see Paula Woodward. She will put you back together. If you are using western medicine for whatever ailment, acupuncture will be a valuable partnership in your healing arc.

Personal – Corporate – Global
Kelowna,British Columbia

Trying to Conceive

After two years of trying to conceive, and three failed IUI attempts, we were getting very discouraged about the prospect of getting pregnant. Then a friend suggested that I visit Paula and give acupuncture a try. Paula was very kind and caring, she made me feel comfortable and most importantly, gave me hope that I would be able to conceive. After only one month of treatment with Paula, we found out we were expecting!! We are beyond thrilled, and will always be thankful to Paula for helping to make our dreams come true!

Melissa and Jeremy
Kelowna,British Columbia

Learning to Relax

Paula Woodward is amazing!!
She puts me into a deep relaxation that has to be experienced to be appreciated. My sore wrist is pain free in 10 minutes, my insomnia is lessening and I am overall calmer. She is passionate about taking my health to the next level and I am ecstatic about that!!
I have come to trust Paula so much that I even let her stick needles in my head!

Lois Rix
Kelowna,British Columbia

Needing a Little Balance

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for months with no luck. Paula was recommended to me by a friend who had helped her. Paula helped me relax and get my body back on track, eventually she wasn’t just someone who poked me with needles, she became a friend. I was sooo excited the day I went to see her to show her our first ultrasound and tell her I was indeed pregnant! I strongly believe that acupuncture was just the thing we needed to help us concieve.

Kelowna,British Columbia

Dealing with Chronic Illness

Paula Woodward has been an integral part of my healing journey. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three months ago, I now am able to defy the day to day symptoms that normally characterize this illness. I have no more fatigue, no more pain, no digestive issues, far less stress and have endless amounts of energy. I sought treatment through Chinese medicine in addition to Naturopathic medicine, a whole foods diet, daily yoga and daily meditation . With this regime, I successfully hold down the responsibilities of a fast paced life and I have never felt so healthy. Because of my treatment success, I am committed to maintaining the regime that Paula has recommended for me. I can confidently state that Paula’s perspective and ability to heal has completely changed my life.

Kelowna,British Columbia

Moving Past Trauma into something Beautiful

I first started seeing Paula, at the end of August 2011 when my husband and I were getting frustrated with our lack of results while trying to make a baby. I heard from a friend that Paula was incredible so I got her number and sent her a text message saying who I was, how I heard of her and that I wanted to meet her for a treatment. She texted me back later that day and we booked an appointment for the following week. Going into our appointment, I really had no idea what to expect or what was going to happen. Our first appointment was an hour and a half long and it was very informative. She didn’t just start poking me with a bunch of needles… she gathered all the information that she needed. She wanted to know my medical history, why I wanted acupuncture, what I had tried before, and what I wanted the results to be. It was tailored to my situation which was extremely comforting. She explained to me the process but most importantly, she gave me hope again. I had walked into her office feeling defeated but I walked out of her office feeling like I was on the right path to motherhood. My husband and I had been pregnant before but in January 2011, we lost our twin girls because we were told they were conjoined at the heart and had little chance of survival, so we made the decision that no parent wants to make and we ended our pregnancy. After we lost our babies, we started trying again, but I really didn’t believe that we were ready to conceive and our bodies knew that. But when I met with Paula in August, I knew that we were ready… I finally told myself that everything was OK and that it was OK to move forward. Paula helped me move forward and helped me explore all the feelings surrounding my grief after our loss. She told me that due to this grief, the energies of my body and my blood had become stagnant and I wasn’t giving my uterus fresh, healthy blood, therefore making it difficult to conceive. So, I knew that was what we would be focusing on. Before any of our sessions began, we would take 20 minutes and talk about how I was doing and I was able to cry and let out my feelings which I found very therapeutic. Well, after my third session with Paula, I got the best news ever…. I was pregnant! I was so overjoyed and full of emotion. I couldn’t believe that it happened so fast. She got the energies of my body flowing the way they were supposed to with the help of acupuncture but also by me dealing with my grief and allowing myself to move forward… giving myself permission to move forward. Paula was thrilled when I told her the news and continued to do a couple more treatments on me to help with any anxiety that I was feeling in the beginning. She has such an amazing and kind soul. I feel instantly connected to her and felt like she had my best interests at heart and would do everything in her power to get me to where I wanted to be. I saw her last week to show her a photo of our first ultrasound and to tell her that the reports came back that our baby is just perfect with zero complications. She was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to anyone. You can tell how much she cares the minute you sit down with her. Her passion for her work shines through and she will make a believer out of the biggest skeptic. Thank you, Paula for everything you have done for me and my husband. Words truly can’t describe the gratitude I have for you.

Erin Stoneman
Kelowna,British Columbia

Living with Chronic Pain

I had many health issues when I first started acupuncture with Paula. Six months later I can happily say she is my Miracle doctor. I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Paula.

Kelowna,British Columbia

Finally Sleeping after Many Years

Paula Woodward has changed my life! I had sleeping problems for many years but after seeing Paula for only a couple sessions, my sleeping issues were fixed! In addition, Paula’s work has helped with my digestion and chronic back pain. Paula has also made a huge impact on the way I see my health and I am now able to look at it from a more holistic perspective. Her positivity and way of viewing my “issues” has given me so much encouragement and optimism towards getting my health top notch! I highly recommend her and am confident in her ability to heal.

Kelowna, BC