paula woodward
In 2005, I completed my 5-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC. During my studies, I had the pleasure of completing my 5th year internship at Tianjin University Hospital of TCM in Tian Jin, China. My rotations while at the hospital included training from top Chinese doctors in several departments, including Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics. After taking a couple years off to explore various self-development programs I returned to my passion and have never looked back.

I have a voracious appetite for learning and, since graduating, have completed over 1000 continuing education hours in Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, Woman’s Health, Fertility, Allergy elimination, Pain management and Facial Rejuvenation to name a few. Over the course of the past 7 years I have successfully worked with a variety of conditions ranging, but not limited to, digestive disorders, pain, woman’s health concerns, chronic fatigue, insomnia etc. I consider myself a general practitioner; every new person is a unique set of dynamics with a unique solution.

My drive is understanding how the body and mind are intricately connected. It is for this reason that I have recently gone back, part time, to UBCO to complete my science degree in Psychology. I adamantly believe that when something shows up on one level it shows up on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Linking behavior and thoughts to physical pain never gets old and I have found a way to bridge the gap between the body, mind, emotion and spirit through Chinese Medicine.

I have recently moved into my own space in the Pandosy Village area. My new address is 218-3001 Tutt Street and our phone number is 236-420-3473.

When I’m not in the clinic or learning something new you can find me walking my dog, teaching my daughter how to drive, planning my next big trip or doing something active with friends. This profession has taught me alot about the importance of maintaining balance, and it’s something that I haven’t perfected but work towards everyday.